Comprehensive Retirement Planning Process

Modern Retirement TheoryTM  is a comprehensive retirement planning process created to offer customized solutions for each individual retiree.  The goal of this proprietary process is a retirement plan that is secure, stable, and sustainable for the retiree’s lifetime.

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Prioritized Goal Segmentation

Retirement is an absolute goal, not a relative one. Leveraging prioritized goal segmentation during retirement funding can offset retirement risk.

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S-3 Model

Modern Retirement Theory's S-3 Model for retirement funding was created to simultaneously provide investors with security, stability and sustainability.

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How much do you need to retire happy?

How much do you need to retire happy? By Offain Gunasekara • Originally posted: Posted: Sept. 5, 2012 at What is your number? That question is often directed at people dreaming about how much savings they will need to achieve retirement bliss. But M. Ray Grubbs, professor of management at Millsaps College in Jackson, Miss., says […]

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MRT 101: 2 Unknowables

MRT is not exclusively an income solution; it is a comprehensive retirement planning framework and process. Therefore, retirement income is a derivative of the MRT planning framework. Presuppositions propel and shape outcomes. The MRT paradigm was developed to address the beginning point of most retirement plan models that are sanitized, unrealistic and unhelpful. MRT believes […]

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FPA Oregon hears Dr. Wade Pfau’s Presentation on Two Schools of Retirement Income

On February 14, 2013, Dr. Wade Pfau presented to the FPA Oregon & SW Washington: Two Schools of Retirement Income. The presentation compares a “Probability-based” approach to retirement planning to a “Safety-First” approach. Dr. Pfau highlights Modern Retirement Theory as a significant contributor to the “Safety First” perspective.

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