Premise 1: An Absolute Goal
Retirement is an absolute goal, not a relative one.

Premise 2: Individualized and Client Centric
Planning and executing retirement funding should focus on individuals rather than historical data or group statistics.

Premise 3: Outlook Ambiguity—The Future Is Unknowable to the Individual
MRT acknowledges that future events are always unknown to individuals.

Premise 4: Secure, Stable and Sustainable 
MRT provides retirement funding that is simultaneously secure, stable and sustainable.

Premise 5: Retirement Sheet
Retirement Sheet represents assets or cash flow items that will affect the retiree.  Retirement funding should consider how best to utilize an individual’s entire balance sheet, not just his or her portfolio, as well as off balance sheet items like Social Security and pensions.

Premise 6: Funding Priority 
A hierarchical priority of retirement funding can be established to offset retirement risk.