Portfolio Theory

Grow Assets or Maximize Utilization?

Retirement is the ultimate consumption phase of life rather than an accumulation phase.  The dilemma perceived through the Modern Portfolio view is that the retirement portfolio must continue to grow. MRT believes that retirement is mostly about maximizing the utilization of accumulated assets in ways that do not jeopardize the main goal of retirement, which is to stay retired.  If we overlay the notion that there is an absolute deadline for retirement, as defined by the client, then our responsibility to meet the goal must be met.  This model views retirement as an absolute, non-negotiable goal rather than a relative one.  This concept opposes the view within the planning process that lifestyle should be automatically be altered if the circumstances are unfavorable at the time the client wants to retire. Rather, we ask planners if there is a mechanism or system that can meet this absolute objective of retirement and be sustainable.

By Jason Branning

Jason K. Branning, CFP®, RICP® is co-founder of Modern Retirement Theory.

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